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What Will Jesus Do?

After being crucified for Mankind’s sins, Jesus Christ and his half-brother, Lucifer, pass the time playing cards in Hades.

They realize that the Plan of God is another scheme intended to push Judgement Day thousands of years into the future!

After a heated exchange, Jesus gambles a billion souls with Lucifer.

He repeats a version of the wager that Lucifer and God made regarding Job.

Jesus thinks Mankind will prove His argument. Lucifer agrees, and the next day, Jesus rises.

But, as the years go by, Jesus realizes that Lucifer may have stacked the deck in his favor!

Using His knowledge of The List, (composed by His Father), to guide His readers to the Truth, Jesus watches as the End Times commence.

As His wager with Lucifer draws to a close, Signs of the Apocalypse portend that the Time of Revelations is at hand!

What will He do to save the human race from itself?

This is the second of series of speculative short satires that began with Imperius Wrecks by acclaimed science fiction author and raconteur A.E. Williams.Come aboard as Williams puts his redoubtable wit to complex problems of philosophy, morality and ethical conundrums.

Reminiscent of speculative fiction in the vein of Vonnegut and Dick, Second Coming will fire your imagination!

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