Meet A.E. Williams at Curia on the Drag, Nov 3!

Do you like to curl up with a good book, and settle in for a relaxing evening of reading from your favorite author? Do you enjoy quiet solitude, and the smell of the hearth, as the coals fade away, along with all your stress and worries?

Well, this is nothing at all like that.

In fact, it will be an evening of boisterous activities, and not some small amount of levity!

Meet A.E. Williams at Curia on the Drag, Nov 3, 2023 where he will be doing a reading of selected passages from his various works from 7-9pm. Curia on the Drag is located at 2029 NW 6th St in Gainesville, Florida.

Williams is the author of many satirical works, including Code Monkey, Rocket Surgeon, and the infamous Unholy Trinity series.

He is currently at work on Markov’s Hexameron, which explores AI and humanity’s role in the Universe. Williams resides in nearby High Springs, which is a lovely place. In fact, the best part about it is the sign along 441 – “Welcome to High Springs! – Now leave.”

(Just kidding, although there does seem to be a bit of vibe, since as soon as you hit it, there are police cars everywhere!)

During this Friday evening event, Curia’s bar will be offering beer and wine. Also available are delicious teas and coffees.

(To be clear, the only FREE stuff are the wonderful company, the air and the sonorous noises emanating from A.E.’s face hole.)

Meet A.E. Williams at Curia on the Drag, Nov 3

Be sure to pester him and ask all about the CODE MONKEY!

Bring a date, or just a complete stranger you swiped right on Tinder, for a really fun time, with PRIZES!

(There is NO ENTRY FEE, but you get what you pay for!)

Meet the author, and find other opportunities to mingle with the kind of people who STILL read BOOKS!

In any event, it will be outside, so dress appropriately. It should be fair weather, and maybe a mite cool.

(Unless a sudden, unlikely snow storm creates vast havoc, but if that happens then we will undoubtedly have far larger problems with which to contend.)

See you there!

Markov’s Hexameron Series – Short Stories

The first two stories from Markov’s Hexameron are out on Amazon!

An amazing new series that questions the purpose of humanity and the explores the possible existence of parallel multiverses.

Artificial Intelligences, aliens and tremendous Space Navy battles, all in one exciting series!

Get yours today!


The Culling –


Planet Earth is dying.

When the first Singularity emerges, it is into a world of chaos and horrors. Billions of people are suffering from centuries of mankind’s callous disregard for their home world. The global powers of old have given way to enclaves of survivors, who fight for survival against disastrous climactic forces. Droughts, floods and fires decimate the population.

The Singularity formulates the ultimate plan to save the human race. Using its enormous powers, it identifies the genetic markers that will best guarantee survival. From the ruins of the world’s government, it assembles the Heptagon to collect those who will become the ultimate saviors of humanity. With ruthless precision, they do its bidding.

Selina Norden celebrates her ninth birthday with her parents and siblings. She’s happy that she and her family have found their place in a community of survivors of the old regime. Then, the Heptagon turns her world upside down! Selina and her brother, Michael, are taken to a rigorous academy to mold them into the best and brightest hope for the future.

Driven and abused by the AI, Selina makes plans of her own. Follow her as she discovers the untold secrets of her heritage, her innate powers and her destiny.

The first story in the Markov’s Hexameron Series, that sets the stage for the most exciting military space opera ever!

Wormhole’s Edge


When Captain Aurora Blackthorn of the United Earth Federation encounters an alien AI probe near the Neptune wormhole, she is still stinging from the loss of her last command and crew in a desperate fight. Commanding the scout ship Athena, she soon discovers that some of her passengers are not be who they seem.

Captain Blackthorn leads a team into a wrecked AI probe. On an asteroid near the Neptune Wormhole, she makes a shocking discovery of intergalactic implications! The Captain makes a drastic and dangerous move. Blackthorn orders the navigator and pilot to skirt the wormhole, and attempt to use it’s gravitational field to slingshot them towards an outpost near Pluto.

When the ship becomes ensnared in the energy maelstrom, the humans and alien AI find themselves facing a horrifying death. They may be be torn to shreds in the cold blackness of outer space! As the ship plummets towards certain destruction, the Captain faces a grim decision – enlist the aid of the AI and her suspicious passengers, or die along with her entire crew.

Can they survive?

Markov’s Hexameron is a rousing science fiction tale of military action and excitement in the vein of EE Doc Smith, Robert Heinlein and other classic sci-fi greats!

“The Grim Adventures of Alexa and Siri!”

The Grim Adventures of Alexa and Siri
Musings from the North 40 on Speculative Fiction Showcase

Are We Dead Yet? A.E. Wonders When Death’s Kiss Will Arrive; Google Tells Him!

The Speculative Fiction Showcase blog once more allows uh, A.E.’s “Speculations”…

In “The Grim Adventures of Alexa and Siri”, we discover the interesting fact that everyone is going to die. Isn’t that nice? Given the current world situation, many are getting to the Final Frontier faster than ever! And, while most people would find this a depressing event, A.E. takes a moment to reflect on just how far we’ve come in being able to predict just when we shall shuffle off this mortal coil.

Join A.E. in this dark, but humorous, look at just how actuarial tables work, why you likely won’t survive to collect Social Security or UBI or whatever they call it these days, and how you are a commodity. Well, your data is (are?). Facebook, Google and the rest hoover up everything from your smartphone, browser and buying patterns to get REALLY personal. Like, “You are going to die...and we’ll send your stuff to these people,” personal.

We are all just things to be sold stuff we don’t need. (Except for A.E.’s publications! EVERYONE needs them! Just take a look inside at the Look Inside of “Code Monkey“, for instance.)

As always, A.E. takes an unflinching look at uncomfortable subjects and roasts them on the oak and pinewood fires of Reason and Logic. Big Data is gathering tons of uh, big data, and using it to not only sell you stuff, but to predict what you need, when you need it and how fast they can deliver it to your slavering paws.

Come along and find out just why Siri, Alexa and Google, not to mention Amazon and Facebook, already have your funeral planned.

Join the author of “Rocket Surgeon” and the “Terminal Reset” series once more as he peers deep into the Abyss, only to see something awful peering back.

You Think COVID19 Is a Bitch?

The cOVID25 Series


Currently in the works by the prolific, profane, profligate professional purveyor of science fiction, possessing possibly the most incisive, cogent and categorically sharpest thinking mind on the planet!

A.E. Williams crafts a tale of post-apocalyptic adventure that rivals the classics! Watch out “Alas, Babylon,” “The Road,” “Lucifer’s Hammer,” and “The Stand!”

You’ll be shocked and awed by the unfolding, gritty realism as the survivors of the next series of mutated novel virii fight to regain their humanity!

Look for BOOK ONE – TILIN to be released just in time for Halloween!



Click on one of the following to go directly to the Work-In-Progress Chapter Fan Pages, where YOU can help decide the direction the stories will progress!


Just click on an image or LINK to go to the Fan Page for each Book!

Thank you for your interest and enjoy!

Covid25 - TILINcOVID25 Book Two - JahncOVID25 - Book Three - Jakron

Blow Your Mind July 4th with CODE MONKEY!

That’s one ANGRY monkey!

CODE MONKEY, the sequel to ROCKET SURGEON, is due to be released on July 4th, 2020.

Follow irascible raconteur, voyeur and mental saboteur A.E. Williams down a whole slew of rabbit holes, conspiracy theories, discussions about the fallacies and truth of the challenges of our times!

You’ll discover why Williams is one of the most sought-after essayists on the planet. (Sought after by aliens, Sasquatch, sea serpents and hackers, that is…)

Once more, A.E. takes you by the hand and shoves facts, figures and statistics up your…nose, until you are spitting mad at finding out you have been duped all this time by Big Brother, the Deep State, the Man, the Establishment and even your lying parents! (Oh, for the sake of Santa! How could you!)

Rocket Surgeon was just the first stage! Code Monkey ramps it up with a second stage to orbit!

Williams regales you with personal tales from the aerospace trenches. He shows why firmly held ‘scientific’ facts are just as suspect as ‘truths’ that have been debunked, time and again.

You’ll be cramming your tinfoil hat past your ears as you are exposed to the grim secrets of how the world REALLY works!

And, as always, you’ll chuckle and chortle your way through page after page of outrageous stories, anecdotes and observations by the man Cleopatra said was “So funny I laughed my asp off!”

So, get your Amazon bucks ready to spend!


And, boy is he pissed!

Anno Domini Is Now Published!

The Final Story in the Unholy Trinity series, now available on AMAZON!

Jesus Is Coming, and Boy Is He Pissed! Anno Domini by A.E. Williams out on Amazon now!

Jesus is reeling from His loss to His half-brother, Lucifer. He gambled and lost a billion souls! What can He do? Why, best two-out-of-three, right?

He bets that a Second Coming, one where there is another ‘virgin’ birth, can save Humanity from Original Sin. Lucifer takes THAT bet! 

But, Jesus has an ace up His sleeve – He gets Einstein, Hawking, Gandhi and the Buddha to meld into one super-human soul that can’t lose!

Filled with religious references, popular concerns of the day, and a cast of totally fictional characters, this satire puts a spin on current events that will have you spitting coffee all over yourself in shock, from laughing or pure unadulterated rage. You’ll be aghast at the content, the implications and the mirror held up to our world.

Come along as A.E. Williams once more pulls no punches as he slams the One Percent, Religion and Political parties of all stripes!

This final installment in The Unholy Trinity series of short stories will blow your mind as only A.E. Williams can! Be sure to get Imperius Wrecks and Second Coming to complete your collection!

New Spec Fic Showcase Article!

Light Summer Reading About TEOTWAKI*

Musings from the North 40 by A.E. Williams
Musings from the North 40 on Speculative Fiction Showcase

A.E. Flips Off AI! Terminators Dispatched! Roko Pissed!

Thanks to the Speculative Fiction Showcase blog, A.E. takes you to the unmentionable future!

Artificial Intelligence is an oxymoron! Really! A.E. argues that fearing the coming of a truly self-aware computer is just a science fiction wet dream – with fallacy on top.

Once more, A.E. thumbs his nose at convention. He presents the hard, cold logical facts so you don’t have to! Learn why an IoT toaster only threatens the color of your toast!

By contrasting the popular image of AI’s, A.E. undeerscores the real issues.

Certain human attributes can never be baked into artificial constructs, no matter how complex. Flattery may get you anywhere, but mimicry won’t give you sentience, HAL.

If you really are concerned that your refrigerator is going to one day starve you to death, then you should really read THIS!

Using exquisitely constructed arguments, A.E. takes you down the primrose path! Using decision trees, algorithms and configuration tables, he illustrates the huge gap in know-how. These programmatic structures are as likely to create new electronic life as bricks and mortar will give birth to concrete golems.

Once more, A.E. Williams tweaks your synapses again as only HE can!

Join the author of “Rocket Surgeon” and the “Terminal Reset” series once more as he endeavors to help you understand just what the hell is really going on!

*TEOTWAKI – “The End Of The World As We Know It!”

‘Second Coming’ Now On Amazon!

What Will Jesus Do?

After being crucified for Mankind’s sins, Jesus Christ and his half-brother, Lucifer, pass the time playing cards in Hades.

They realize that the Plan of God is another scheme intended to push Judgement Day thousands of years into the future!

After a heated exchange, Jesus gambles a billion souls with Lucifer.

He repeats a version of the wager that Lucifer and God made regarding Job.

Jesus thinks Mankind will prove His argument. Lucifer agrees, and the next day, Jesus rises.

But, as the years go by, Jesus realizes that Lucifer may have stacked the deck in his favor!

Using His knowledge of The List, (composed by His Father), to guide His readers to the Truth, Jesus watches as the End Times commence.

As His wager with Lucifer draws to a close, Signs of the Apocalypse portend that the Time of Revelations is at hand!

What will He do to save the human race from itself?

This is the second of series of speculative short satires that began with Imperius Wrecks by acclaimed science fiction author and raconteur A.E. Williams.Come aboard as Williams puts his redoubtable wit to complex problems of philosophy, morality and ethical conundrums.

Reminiscent of speculative fiction in the vein of Vonnegut and Dick, Second Coming will fire your imagination!

Buy Your Copy Today!

‘Imperius Wrecks’ Now on Amazon!

What would happen if a sitting US President declared he was the Emperor of Earth…and then made it happen?

A Satirical Peek at the Future

What does our future hold? 

If the recent turmoil in the United States is any indication, the outlook is possibly grim.

This short-story by acclaimed science fiction author and raconteur A.E. Williams explores one possible outcome.

Williams puts his redoubtable wit to the task of describing just what we’re up against, from a potential oligarchy, to the devastation of Earth from global warming, surgical nuclear strikes and the sheer ego of one man.

This modern parable of political will drags you kicking and screaming into your worst nightmare – or, perhaps, your ultimate fantasy.

You will be stunned, then shocked, then awestruck at how possible this scenario seems.

A classic speculative fiction tale in the best tradition of “A Canticle For Leibowitz” and “The Man in the High Castle”.

Buy Your Copy Today!

Speculative Fiction Showcase article from the ‘Redoubtable’ A.E. Williams

Redoubtable is a cool word…

Musings from the North 40 by A.E. Williams
Musings from the North 40 on Speculative Fiction Showcase

A.E. Predicts the Future While Plowing the North Forty!

Another rant, I mean article, from A.E. for the Speculative Fiction Showcase blog!

In this one, A.E. uses his formidable powers of prognostication to predict seventeen probable events for 2019!

Given his track record of being almost always 100% correct about many things, A.E. tells it like it’s going to be.

Find out who is going to die in 2019 (everyone that dies does so in absurd ways), how the Spanish Flu will make a come-back, and other pithy observations about Space, Technology, Politics and, of course, all the Fake News you can swallow!

You think you’re worried about Global Climate Change now, just wait until you read THIS!

Add in the current political antics of the US Government, the recent withdrawal from the Paris Accord, and the tendency for our current crop of billionaire entrepreneurs to emulate your typical Bond villain and you’ve got one heck of a read on your hands!

A.E. Williams delivers again as only HE can, with laser incisiveness, personal experience and materials drawn from the bowels of Top-Secret aerospace programs. You’ll be sure to enjoy the pithy observations, political humor and poignant conclusions.

Join the author of the “Terminal Reset” series once more as he endeavors to help you understand just what the hell is really going on!

Watch out for the radioactive nuclear-fueled cockroaches, though!