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Each time a new Episode of the ‘Terminal Reset Series’ is published on Amazon, it typically contains two new Chapters.

At a logical point to break the narrative, there will be an Omnibus Volume published. At this time, the intent is to have at least a minimum of 12 Chapters ( ie 6 Episode ) up to a maximum of 24 Chapters ( ie 12 Episode ) comprise a Volume.

Terminal Reset – The Coming of The Wave – BOOK ONE  has been completed and is even now being reviewed and prepared for final release on October 15th, 2015.

For purposes of planning out your enjoyment, the narrative structure can be thought of as being similar to a graphic novel or television show.

For instance, each month, a different portion of the story is unveiled, with many characters being featured. The story arcs follow key occurrences, but not necessarily in a linear fashion. The intent is to allow the Reader to choose at what interval they wish to enjoy the stories.

The next Series of stories will center around following the continuing adventures of key groups of characters that have been established in the first series of Episodes.

‘Terminal Reset – The Coming of The Wave’ is Volume One. It sets the stage for the action, romance and adventures to come!

‘Terminal Reset – The Sun Never Sets’, is Volume Two. It will follow the story of the two Elite Arks, as they attempt to reach their respective Lagrange points.

‘Terminal Reset – Resets of the Caribbean’, is Volume Three. This is the story of those characters who were in the Caribbean Ocean area when The Wave hit, and what happens to them.

‘Terminal Reset – Saharan Reset’, is Volume Four and it deals with how Amadu Mfala fares in Somalia, and the impact of The Wave on the religious world.

‘Terminal Reset – Astronauts and Adventurers’ is Volume Five. This exciting tale will follow the adventures of the surviving ISS crew, and add some other surprises! (Hint: North Korea)

‘Terminal Reset – Welcome Back, Carter!’ will be Volume Six. It focuses on the changing geopolitical face of Earth, and who the leaders will ultimately be, as The Wave’s full effects are felt.

‘Terminal Reset – Volume Seven’ will tie back all of the surviving characters into the narrative.

As you can see, we have some very exciting and challenging work ahead of us! We hope you enjoy following the ‘Terminal Reset Series’.

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Thank you for your participation in the ‘Terminal Reset’ adventure!

Good reading!

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