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What would happen if a sitting US President declared he was the Emperor of Earth…and then made it happen?

A Satirical Peek at the Future

What does our future hold? 

If the recent turmoil in the United States is any indication, the outlook is possibly grim.

This short-story by acclaimed science fiction author and raconteur A.E. Williams explores one possible outcome.

Williams puts his redoubtable wit to the task of describing just what we’re up against, from a potential oligarchy, to the devastation of Earth from global warming, surgical nuclear strikes and the sheer ego of one man.

This modern parable of political will drags you kicking and screaming into your worst nightmare – or, perhaps, your ultimate fantasy.

You will be stunned, then shocked, then awestruck at how possible this scenario seems.

A classic speculative fiction tale in the best tradition of “A Canticle For Leibowitz” and “The Man in the High Castle”.

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