Anno Domini Is Now Published!

The Final Story in the Unholy Trinity series, now available on AMAZON!

Jesus Is Coming, and Boy Is He Pissed! Anno Domini by A.E. Williams out on Amazon now!

Jesus is reeling from His loss to His half-brother, Lucifer. He gambled and lost a billion souls! What can He do? Why, best two-out-of-three, right?

He bets that a Second Coming, one where there is another ‘virgin’ birth, can save Humanity from Original Sin. Lucifer takes THAT bet! 

But, Jesus has an ace up His sleeve – He gets Einstein, Hawking, Gandhi and the Buddha to meld into one super-human soul that can’t lose!

Filled with religious references, popular concerns of the day, and a cast of totally fictional characters, this satire puts a spin on current events that will have you spitting coffee all over yourself in shock, from laughing or pure unadulterated rage. You’ll be aghast at the content, the implications and the mirror held up to our world.

Come along as A.E. Williams once more pulls no punches as he slams the One Percent, Religion and Political parties of all stripes!

This final installment in The Unholy Trinity series of short stories will blow your mind as only A.E. Williams can! Be sure to get Imperius Wrecks and Second Coming to complete your collection!

New Spec Fic Showcase Article!

Light Summer Reading About TEOTWAKI*

Musings from the North 40 by A.E. Williams
Musings from the North 40 on Speculative Fiction Showcase

A.E. Flips Off AI! Terminators Dispatched! Roko Pissed!

Thanks to the Speculative Fiction Showcase blog, A.E. takes you to the unmentionable future!

Artificial Intelligence is an oxymoron! Really! A.E. argues that fearing the coming of a truly self-aware computer is just a science fiction wet dream – with fallacy on top.

Once more, A.E. thumbs his nose at convention. He presents the hard, cold logical facts so you don’t have to! Learn why an IoT toaster only threatens the color of your toast!

By contrasting the popular image of AI’s, A.E. undeerscores the real issues.

Certain human attributes can never be baked into artificial constructs, no matter how complex. Flattery may get you anywhere, but mimicry won’t give you sentience, HAL.

If you really are concerned that your refrigerator is going to one day starve you to death, then you should really read THIS!

Using exquisitely constructed arguments, A.E. takes you down the primrose path! Using decision trees, algorithms and configuration tables, he illustrates the huge gap in know-how. These programmatic structures are as likely to create new electronic life as bricks and mortar will give birth to concrete golems.

Once more, A.E. Williams tweaks your synapses again as only HE can!

Join the author of “Rocket Surgeon” and the “Terminal Reset” series once more as he endeavors to help you understand just what the hell is really going on!

*TEOTWAKI – “The End Of The World As We Know It!”