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Musings from the North 40 by A.E. Williams

Musings from the North 40 on Speculative Fiction Showcase

A.E. Does IT Again! Fresh from the North Forty!

Another rant, I mean article, from A.E. for the Speculative Fiction Showcase blog!

In this one, A.E. takes you into the REAL reasons behind Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)!

Learn about how the dangers of tobacco farming, celestial mechanics, nuclear testing and plain old reproduction have caused us to cause the Earth to slow, and thereby begin to fall into the Sun!

You think you’re worried about Global Climate Change now, just wait until you read THIS!

Add in the current political antics of the US Government, the recent withdrawal from the Paris Accord, and the tendency for our current crop of billionaire entrepreneurs to emulate your typical Bond villain and you’ve got one heck of a read on your hands!

Tear into the latest and greatest FAKE NEWS, comedic tropes and fun times are assured to be had by all!

A.E. Williams delivers again as only HE can, with laser incisiveness, personal experience and materials drawn from the bowels of Top-Secret aerospace programs. You’ll be sure to enjoy the pithy observations, political humor and poignant conclusions.

Join the author of the “Terminal Reset” series once more as he endeavors to help you understand just what the hell is really going on!

Watch out for the radioactive nuclear-fueled cockroaches, though!

NOW ON AMAZON! “ROCKET SURGEON”! The Latest from A.E. Williams!

ROCKET SURGEON – by A.E. Williams

Rocket Surgeon

The latest book from A.E. Williams!

Rocket Surgeon” is a fun romp through the various aspects of the Space Race, Cold War, AGW and Fake News!

Science-fiction author A.E. Williams takes you on an exciting tour of the history and direction of space flight.

Using the scientific method, William’s dissects today’s hot topics, uncovering some uncomfortable truths.

His personal insights collected over decades of real-world experience illustrate the journey of a lifetime!

From its beginnings as war technology, space exploration has been an enticement to many.

And “Rocket Surgeon” examines the entire spectrum of this saga.

Travel through the history of the various programs, from the V-2  to the present mothballing of the NASA fleet, to the private rocketry business, and beyond!

Get ready to BLAST OFF into the past, present and future of Space Flight!

Rocket Surgeon” shows that Williams has been-there and done-that.

He shares details (unclassified!) of many of the most secret programs since the early 1980’s.

Williams provides some interesting perspectives, melding personal observations from his actual participation in high-tech projects.

He takes a look at one of the most popular science-fiction films of the day, and connects the dots. He shows how Hollywood and television gave us previews of radical technology far in advance of its realization. Be prepared for an unexpected conclusion!

Williams writes about quantum mechanics and the physics behind Faster Than Light travel, and also the General Theory of Relativity. Was Einstein wrong? Well, maybe he didn’t have all the data!

With his typical laser insight and cynical pragmatism, Williams recounts several apocryphal tales from the heyday of manned space flight.

Learn why Williams feels space flight is the single most important thing that humanity can collectively pursue.

From Peenemunde to Mars, from James Bond to Matt Damon, you will find the connections that make your imagination soar to new heights.

Rocket Surgeon” discusses the seminal effect of the original “Star Trek” series on both science and science fiction.

Since the advances that we take for granted were merely dreams in the late 1950’s and ’60’s, he follows how they’ve now become an ubiquitous reality for the next generation.

The effects of science on assuring accurate and realistic depictions of the human condition in science fiction is another artifact of these times. They lead directly to the concerns regarding nuclear war, and the birth of the technological marvels that help us better understand our vast Universe.

In “Rocket Surgeon” the adventures continue, and A.E. Williams is your guide to the stars and beyond in this exciting and accessible book!

Join A.E. Williams as he recollects the advances, successes and tragedies of the Greatest Human Adventure!

NASA Discovers Water On Mars? Big Deal! Read “Terminal Reset” to Find the Truth!

NASA Discovers Water On Mars


NASA announced the discovery of flowing water on Mars.

Well, not exactly…

It’s deliquescent, or subsumed, or some other weird form of water that is more like dry ice than real ice.

Not that it matters! Readers of the “Terminal Reset” series are already familiar with the various Martian creatures NASA has been keeping mum about since the late sixties.

Sure – this is SCIENCE FICTION. But, many astute observers have noted that A.E. Williams really knows his stuff when it comes to all things military and space. So, don’t be surprised if, one day very soon, NASA admits it’s not just H2O up there…

In the meantime, why don’t you enjoy some educated speculation by picking up your own copy of “Return of the Wanderers”?

NASA Discovers Water On Mars

No real surprises here!

Or, better yet, find out all about Dr. Martin Groenig, and why NASA has kept him under wraps all these years.

NASA Discovers Water On Mars

Why are we NOT surprised?

Get into the hottest sci-fi series on the planet… this one or any of them in the Solar System!


Terminal Reset – The Coming of The Wave – BOOK ONE!




The first Volume of the Terminal Reset series has been completed!

Terminal Reset – The Coming of the Wave   is NOW ON AMAZON!

We know the exciting conclusion to the first book will whet your appetite for the coming Volumes!

Also included as a bonus will be the “Return of the Wanderers”, which is a Random Access Memory story set in the same Universe as the main story!


Terminal Reset – The Coming of The Wave – Episode Nine Is On AMAZON!


Terminal Reset – The Coming of The Wave – Chapter 17


The President of the United States of America wants answers…NOW!

During a briefing about the ongoing nuclear weapon skirmishes, and in the aftermath of the destruction of Atlanta and Washington, D.C. the President is coordinating efforts to get the USA back on its feet, when disaster strikes again.

And then, The Wave hits.

The Captain of the nuclear missile sub USS Pennsylvania must make a hard decision.

The Chinese survivors of the nuclear missile attack on Beijing contemplate the ramifications of the Space Arks approaching their secret Lunar Base…

And, the Royal Family is experiencing its own changes in the wake of The Wave!


George H.W. Bush!


When The Wave strikes, it changes everything.

The exciting story of Terminal Reset – The Coming of the Wave continues!



At the completion of somewhere between 12 and 18 Chapters, (depending on the logical story break) readers will be given the opportunity to purchase an Omnibus edition. This edition will NOT be made available for purchase until all relevant Chapters are finished.

We hope you have enjoyed these Chapters, and are waiting eagerly to read the next installment.

After the completion of Volume One, five more books will be written almost simultaneously, to keep tabs on all the major characters and action! The stories will follow the adventures of each group that has been defined in the first story, and then Volume Seven will reunite any survivors! Check out the NEWS page for more information!

A.E. Williams Guest Posts at Speculative Fiction Showcase Blog

Spec Fic

Recently, A.E. Williams was invited to submit an essay on the importance of manned space flight by the Speculative Fiction Showcase Blog.

You can view it here.

Mr. Williams has worked on some of the premier aerospace technology ever developed during his long career. If you are interested in a bit of perspective and history, reasoned thought about space programs, and a tribute to those brave men and women who have given their lives in the pursuit of the Greatest Adventure, then hop on over and enjoy the read.

Terminal Reset – The Coming of The Wave – Chapters 15 and 16 Are Out Now!

Terminal Reset – The Coming of The Wave – Chapters 15 and 16


The astronauts in the ISS are in danger of freezing to death when a daring rescue attempt is planned by one of the most recognizable adventurers in the world. Will he be in time to rescue Sonya,  the woman he loves?

Major Anton Golovonov has been marooned in North Korea, and begins SERE tactics to find out more about the damage caused by the nuclear weapons unleashed by his bomber command.

In Rome, Dr. Giovanni Pasarelli experiences first-hand the effects of The Wave, and his Destiny is forever altered.

Find out why this series is the most up-to-date hard science fiction ANYWHERE!

When The Wave strikes, it changes everything.

The exciting story of Terminal Reset – The Coming of the Wave continues!