Anno Domini Is Now Published!

The Final Story in the Unholy Trinity series, now available on AMAZON!

Jesus Is Coming, and Boy Is He Pissed! Anno Domini by A.E. Williams out on Amazon now!

Jesus is reeling from His loss to His half-brother, Lucifer. He gambled and lost a billion souls! What can He do? Why, best two-out-of-three, right?

He bets that a Second Coming, one where there is another ‘virgin’ birth, can save Humanity from Original Sin. Lucifer takes THAT bet! 

But, Jesus has an ace up His sleeve – He gets Einstein, Hawking, Gandhi and the Buddha to meld into one super-human soul that can’t lose!

Filled with religious references, popular concerns of the day, and a cast of totally fictional characters, this satire puts a spin on current events that will have you spitting coffee all over yourself in shock, from laughing or pure unadulterated rage. You’ll be aghast at the content, the implications and the mirror held up to our world.

Come along as A.E. Williams once more pulls no punches as he slams the One Percent, Religion and Political parties of all stripes!

This final installment in The Unholy Trinity series of short stories will blow your mind as only A.E. Williams can! Be sure to get Imperius Wrecks and Second Coming to complete your collection!

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