The Collected A.E. Williams – Volume One

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Almost SIX HUNDRED PAGES from the fertile and irascible mind of A.E. Williams!

For the first time, all A.E. Williams’ published works are available as one single volume!

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Terminal Reset – The Coming of the Wave

The breakout science fiction novel that explores an alternate history where everyone one earth regresses forty years in age! Dr. David Harding and Dr. Tatania Golovonov must find a way to survive in a world gone mad! Regressed to teenagers, the two fight to find a way to reverse the effects of The Wave, a force from out of Time and Space. Filled with excitement and action, Terminal Reset will have you on the edge of your seat!

Terminal Reset – Return of the Wanderers
A strange spaceship enters the outer boundaries of the Solar System, returning from an eons long mission. But, who are the inhabitants and what do they want with Earth?

Taking place in the same universe as Terminal Reset, this story explores the implications of ancient civilizations and how they have affected our evolution. Mars isn’t just our neighbor in space! Another exciting tale for your science fiction enjoyment!

Rocket Surgeon
A.E. Williams essays on AGW, the Space Race, Hollywood and other tales to entertain and fascinate you! Get a behind the curtains peek at Relativity, rocket science, jet engine testing and other cool nerdy things that A.E. has done! Find out why the world probably won’t end tomorrow, but is sure to do so in the distant future! Travel in space and time and maybe learn a thing or two about our Universe. Climb aboard for another wild ride from the redoubtable A.E. Williams!

The Unholy Trinity Series
The infamous trilogy of cutting, biting satires that lampoon today’s headlines!

Second Coming – Jesus bets His half-brother, Lucifer that the bet God made with him regarding Job can be done, again, and better. The implications are breathtaking! Does the Big J wind up the victor? Or, does the Devil get his due?

Anno Domini – Jesus and Lucifer’s betting is getting out of hand! This time, Jesus bets that the souls of the most outstanding humans ever born can redeem Mankind from original Sin. But, there’s a catch! A Virgin Birth is part of the scheme, but maybe Jesus didn’t think everything through?

Imperius Wrecks – A satirical and humorous look at one possible future! A nightmare or a dream – you get to decide.
In the far distant future, a nun is tasked with ancient rituals descended from one man’s egotistical grasp for power and immortality. Could this really happen?

Filled with religious references, popular concerns of the day, and a cast of totally fictional characters, this satire puts a spin on current events that will have you spitting coffee all over yourself in shock, from laughing or pure unadulterated rage. You’ll be aghast at the content, the implications and the mirror held up to our world.

Come along as A.E. Williams once more pulls no punches as he slams the One Percent, Religion and Political parties of all stripes!

NOTE: Contains previously published works.

NASA Discovers Water On Mars? Big Deal! Read “Terminal Reset” to Find the Truth!

NASA Discovers Water On Mars


NASA announced the discovery of flowing water on Mars.

Well, not exactly…

It’s deliquescent, or subsumed, or some other weird form of water that is more like dry ice than real ice.

Not that it matters! Readers of the “Terminal Reset” series are already familiar with the various Martian creatures NASA has been keeping mum about since the late sixties.

Sure – this is SCIENCE FICTION. But, many astute observers have noted that A.E. Williams really knows his stuff when it comes to all things military and space. So, don’t be surprised if, one day very soon, NASA admits it’s not just H2O up there…

In the meantime, why don’t you enjoy some educated speculation by picking up your own copy of “Return of the Wanderers”?

NASA Discovers Water On Mars

No real surprises here!

Or, better yet, find out all about Dr. Martin Groenig, and why NASA has kept him under wraps all these years.

NASA Discovers Water On Mars

Why are we NOT surprised?

Get into the hottest sci-fi series on the planet… this one or any of them in the Solar System!


Terminal Reset – The Coming of The Wave – BOOK ONE!




The first Volume of the Terminal Reset series has been completed!

Terminal Reset – The Coming of the Wave   is NOW ON AMAZON!

We know the exciting conclusion to the first book will whet your appetite for the coming Volumes!

Also included as a bonus will be the “Return of the Wanderers”, which is a Random Access Memory story set in the same Universe as the main story!


Terminal Reset – The Coming of The Wave – Episode Nine Is On AMAZON!


Terminal Reset – The Coming of The Wave – Chapter 17


The President of the United States of America wants answers…NOW!

During a briefing about the ongoing nuclear weapon skirmishes, and in the aftermath of the destruction of Atlanta and Washington, D.C. the President is coordinating efforts to get the USA back on its feet, when disaster strikes again.

And then, The Wave hits.

The Captain of the nuclear missile sub USS Pennsylvania must make a hard decision.

The Chinese survivors of the nuclear missile attack on Beijing contemplate the ramifications of the Space Arks approaching their secret Lunar Base…

And, the Royal Family is experiencing its own changes in the wake of The Wave!


George H.W. Bush!


When The Wave strikes, it changes everything.

The exciting story of Terminal Reset – The Coming of the Wave continues!

Terminal Reset – The Coming of The Wave – Chapters 13 and 14 Are Out Now!


Ten hours before The Wave hit the Earth, two massive explosions occured, wiping out Washington D.C., and Atlanta Georgia. The events indicated a sneak attack on US soil, precipitating a nuclear exchange between the world’s superpowers. But, what was the true source of those explosions?

Daniel Anderson, a notorious hacker who lives his life off-grid, had been intercepted and forced to land. He is now incarcerated at Guantanamo Bay Naval Station. But, why?

When The Wave strikes, it changes everything.

The Captain of the USS Pennsylvania returns to a secret undersea base. Where did it come from?

On the ISS, the astronauts face a slow death by freezing.

Can they make contact with NASA before it’s too late?

And, can anything be done to rescue them?

The exciting story of Terminal Reset – The Coming of the Wave continues!

New Terminal Reset Episode! Return of the Wanderers – A Terminal Reset Random Access Memory

An ancient alien spacecraft returns from an ages long deep-space mission to its home planet – Mars. As they traverse the Sol system, the crew discovers the devastating effects left behind from The Wave on the outer planets. They stop at Mars, and then detect that there is an interplanetary war occurring between Earth and something located on its Moon. They decide to investigate…

NOW Available on Amazon! 

This Episode takes place in the Terminal Reset ‘Verse, but presents an entirely different viewpoint. Written from the perspective of a crew of space pioneers, returning from an ages long voyage into deep space to their home planet – Mars.

What they encounter upon their return to our Solar System are the devastating effects from the passing of The Wave.

Ancient secrets surrounding the origins of Civilization, the lost cities of Earth, and the intent of life on other planets is explored in this exciting tale that augments the reality unfolding in the Terminal Reset serials!


A.E. Williams

Terminal Reset – The Coming of The Wave – Episode One For Free!

Terminal Reset - Episode One

Terminal Reset – The Coming of The Wave – Chapters 1 and 2 will be FREE on Amazon for two days!

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Jump into the hard science fiction Universe where The Wave comes from beyond time and space to create major changes to the Earth and its inhabitants! You will find out how The Wave effects the world, and its population!



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Terminal Reset – The Coming of the Wave – Chapters 11 and 12 are in the top 100 Hot New Releases on Amazon!


The latest Episode (Book 6) in the exciting hard science fiction series “Terminal Reset – The Coming of The Wave” has just been released on Amazon and is #62 in the HOT NEW RELEASES TOP 100!

This Episode follows the ongoing adventures of Dr. David Harding and his wife after The Wave has hit! Dr. Tatania Golovonov is in Puerto Rico, attempting to find other survivors.

The world superpowers are engaged in deadly nuclear weapon exchanges, and no one has discovered the cause of the original blasts that destroyed two US East Coast cities.

In the New Mexico desert, one man knows the truth about Mars, and is trying to escape his captors – The United States Military!

And, in the Northern United States, The General begins to build his power base!

We hope you are enjoying the story, and are anxiously awaiting the next Edition.

We are aiming to release the first Omnibus in December. Stay tuned!

A.E. Williams

Terminal Reset – The Coming of The Wave – Chapters 11 and 12 Are Out Now!

Terminal Reset – The Coming of The Wave – Chapters 11 and 12 


Now that The Wave has encountered Earth, the global changes are creating havoc. The Wave has affected every living creature on the planet. Dr. David Harding and his wife are in the Caribbean, dealing with the ramifications of everything in their lives being RESET. What will Harding do in the aftermath of The Wave? The President contacts the Russian leadership to try to stop the nuclear attacks on the United States, but the Russians have their own problems.How many millions of people will die when their cities are destroyed by nuclear armageddon? Dr. Tatania Golovonov has traveled from the secret Russian laboratory to the Arecibo Radio Telescope. Will she manage to find other survivors? In New Mexico, one man knows much of what has transpired on the Red Planet, but the US Military has him incarcerated. Will he escape – again – and get the truth out? And, in Maine, The General is putting together a plan to form a world-altering regime, that will challenge the traditional structures of government, and may lead to him uncovering the secrets of the Ark Fleet. PLUS: There is a THINGS TO COME Bonus at the very end of the Episode! The excitement continues! Stay tuned! A.E. Williams