Terminal Reset – The Coming of The Wave – Chapters 13 and 14 Are Out Now!


Ten hours before The Wave hit the Earth, two massive explosions occured, wiping out Washington D.C., and Atlanta Georgia. The events indicated a sneak attack on US soil, precipitating a nuclear exchange between the world’s superpowers. But, what was the true source of those explosions?

Daniel Anderson, a notorious hacker who lives his life off-grid, had been intercepted and forced to land. He is now incarcerated at Guantanamo Bay Naval Station. But, why?

When The Wave strikes, it changes everything.

The Captain of the USS Pennsylvania returns to a secret undersea base. Where did it come from?

On the ISS, the astronauts face a slow death by freezing.

Can they make contact with NASA before it’s too late?

And, can anything be done to rescue them?

The exciting story of Terminal Reset – The Coming of the Wave continues!

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