“The Grim Adventures of Alexa and Siri!”

The Grim Adventures of Alexa and Siri
Musings from the North 40 on Speculative Fiction Showcase

Are We Dead Yet? A.E. Wonders When Death’s Kiss Will Arrive; Google Tells Him!

The Speculative Fiction Showcase blog once more allows uh, A.E.’s “Speculations”…

In “The Grim Adventures of Alexa and Siri”, we discover the interesting fact that everyone is going to die. Isn’t that nice? Given the current world situation, many are getting to the Final Frontier faster than ever! And, while most people would find this a depressing event, A.E. takes a moment to reflect on just how far we’ve come in being able to predict just when we shall shuffle off this mortal coil.

Join A.E. in this dark, but humorous, look at just how actuarial tables work, why you likely won’t survive to collect Social Security or UBI or whatever they call it these days, and how you are a commodity. Well, your data is (are?). Facebook, Google and the rest hoover up everything from your smartphone, browser and buying patterns to get REALLY personal. Like, “You are going to die...and we’ll send your stuff to these people,” personal.

We are all just things to be sold stuff we don’t need. (Except for A.E.’s publications! EVERYONE needs them! Just take a look inside at the Look Inside of “Code Monkey“, for instance.)

As always, A.E. takes an unflinching look at uncomfortable subjects and roasts them on the oak and pinewood fires of Reason and Logic. Big Data is gathering tons of uh, big data, and using it to not only sell you stuff, but to predict what you need, when you need it and how fast they can deliver it to your slavering paws.

Come along and find out just why Siri, Alexa and Google, not to mention Amazon and Facebook, already have your funeral planned.

Join the author of “Rocket Surgeon” and the “Terminal Reset” series once more as he peers deep into the Abyss, only to see something awful peering back.

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