Meet A.E. Williams at Curia on the Drag, Nov 3!

Do you like to curl up with a good book, and settle in for a relaxing evening of reading from your favorite author? Do you enjoy quiet solitude, and the smell of the hearth, as the coals fade away, along with all your stress and worries?

Well, this is nothing at all like that.

In fact, it will be an evening of boisterous activities, and not some small amount of levity!

Meet A.E. Williams at Curia on the Drag, Nov 3, 2023 where he will be doing a reading of selected passages from his various works from 7-9pm. Curia on the Drag is located at 2029 NW 6th St in Gainesville, Florida.

Williams is the author of many satirical works, including Code Monkey, Rocket Surgeon, and the infamous Unholy Trinity series.

He is currently at work on Markov’s Hexameron, which explores AI and humanity’s role in the Universe. Williams resides in nearby High Springs, which is a lovely place. In fact, the best part about it is the sign along 441 – “Welcome to High Springs! – Now leave.”

(Just kidding, although there does seem to be a bit of vibe, since as soon as you hit it, there are police cars everywhere!)

During this Friday evening event, Curia’s bar will be offering beer and wine. Also available are delicious teas and coffees.

(To be clear, the only FREE stuff are the wonderful company, the air and the sonorous noises emanating from A.E.’s face hole.)

Meet A.E. Williams at Curia on the Drag, Nov 3

Be sure to pester him and ask all about the CODE MONKEY!

Bring a date, or just a complete stranger you swiped right on Tinder, for a really fun time, with PRIZES!

(There is NO ENTRY FEE, but you get what you pay for!)

Meet the author, and find other opportunities to mingle with the kind of people who STILL read BOOKS!

In any event, it will be outside, so dress appropriately. It should be fair weather, and maybe a mite cool.

(Unless a sudden, unlikely snow storm creates vast havoc, but if that happens then we will undoubtedly have far larger problems with which to contend.)

See you there!

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