You Think COVID19 Is a Bitch?

The cOVID25 Series


Currently in the works by the prolific, profane, profligate professional purveyor of science fiction, possessing possibly the most incisive, cogent and categorically sharpest thinking mind on the planet!

A.E. Williams crafts a tale of post-apocalyptic adventure that rivals the classics! Watch out “Alas, Babylon,” “The Road,” “Lucifer’s Hammer,” and “The Stand!”

You’ll be shocked and awed by the unfolding, gritty realism as the survivors of the next series of mutated novel virii fight to regain their humanity!

Look for BOOK ONE – TILIN to be released just in time for Halloween!



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Thank you for your interest and enjoy!

Covid25 - TILINcOVID25 Book Two - JahncOVID25 - Book Three - Jakron

Blow Your Mind July 4th with CODE MONKEY!

That’s one ANGRY monkey!

CODE MONKEY, the sequel to ROCKET SURGEON, is due to be released on July 4th, 2020.

Follow irascible raconteur, voyeur and mental saboteur A.E. Williams down a whole slew of rabbit holes, conspiracy theories, discussions about the fallacies and truth of the challenges of our times!

You’ll discover why Williams is one of the most sought-after essayists on the planet. (Sought after by aliens, Sasquatch, sea serpents and hackers, that is…)

Once more, A.E. takes you by the hand and shoves facts, figures and statistics up your…nose, until you are spitting mad at finding out you have been duped all this time by Big Brother, the Deep State, the Man, the Establishment and even your lying parents! (Oh, for the sake of Santa! How could you!)

Rocket Surgeon was just the first stage! Code Monkey ramps it up with a second stage to orbit!

Williams regales you with personal tales from the aerospace trenches. He shows why firmly held ‘scientific’ facts are just as suspect as ‘truths’ that have been debunked, time and again.

You’ll be cramming your tinfoil hat past your ears as you are exposed to the grim secrets of how the world REALLY works!

And, as always, you’ll chuckle and chortle your way through page after page of outrageous stories, anecdotes and observations by the man Cleopatra said was “So funny I laughed my asp off!”

So, get your Amazon bucks ready to spend!


And, boy is he pissed!

Saying ‘So Long’ to a Friend

A good friend of mine, and the artist who created the covers for “Terminal Reset” and “Rocket Surgeon” passed away on March 22, of this year.

Steve created the Literary Sherpa, LLC video. He did all of the original covers for all the “Terminal Reset” installments, the Omnibus edition, and the cover for “Return of the Wanderers” and, of course, “Rocket Surgeon.”

He also did the banner graphics for this website.

I met Steve Polyanchek when I was a teenaged Star Trek fan, and we were screening films for an amateur science fiction contest at a Star Trek Fans of Florida[1] convention way back in like 1973.

Steve looking at the Universe in his own unique way.

Steve’s entry was “Terror by Daylight.” It was judged by none other than George Takei, and a few other notables.

He received Honorable Mention.

That group of people, including Rick Coy, John Ellis, Howard Goldberg, Ken Mitchroney, Larry McHugh, Don Phillips and I became involved in building an active community of creatives. Our talents took us many strange places.

Some of them, including Don, Ken and John, went on to minor greatness in Hollywood.[2]

Steve and I managed to stay in the area the longest, and therefore, had a longer interaction. Over the years, Steve made videos, graphics and websites with me, and we always had each other’s back.

We ran an Ebay store with two other gentlemen, both named Mike. They, too, have ventured into the Great Beyond. We made a great team, and their support and hard work got us all through some interesting times.

Around 2006, I had some grave personal issues and Steve was there for me. If it weren’t for him, and many other friends such as he, you would not be reading this.

Steve also was a devout and spiritual person, and also an excellent musician. He had a Facebook following, and many of his fans wrote heartfelt reviews and sent their gratitude to him for his insights and advice.

Steve is going to be missed.

But I know in my heart he is doing the work of the Universe, assuring that Peace and Tranquility are being manifested in whatever dimensions he now dwells.

Fair winds and good sailing, my friend.

See you on the other side.

[1] The original fan organization was “The Star Trek Federation of Florida,” or STFF. It changed to “Star Trek Fans United” after some internal intrigue, or the STFU. STFU! It didn’t mean what it means today, honest!

[2] Don Phillips was awarded a degree in Cinematography from Columbia University, and went on to be a cameraman and production director for one of Los Angeles premier television stations. John Ellis formed a company that provided practical and digital special effects for many films, including “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow” and “The Matrix.”

And, Ken does THIS.