Terminal Reset – The Coming of The Wave – Chapters 11 and 12 Are Out Now!

Terminal Reset – The Coming of The Wave – Chapters 11 and 12 


Now that The Wave has encountered Earth, the global changes are creating havoc. The Wave has affected every living creature on the planet. Dr. David Harding and his wife are in the Caribbean, dealing with the ramifications of everything in their lives being RESET. What will Harding do in the aftermath of The Wave? The President contacts the Russian leadership to try to stop the nuclear attacks on the United States, but the Russians have their own problems.How many millions of people will die when their cities are destroyed by nuclear armageddon? Dr. Tatania Golovonov has traveled from the secret Russian laboratory to the Arecibo Radio Telescope. Will she manage to find other survivors? In New Mexico, one man knows much of what has transpired on the Red Planet, but the US Military has him incarcerated. Will he escape – again – and get the truth out? And, in Maine, The General is putting together a plan to form a world-altering regime, that will challenge the traditional structures of government, and may lead to him uncovering the secrets of the Ark Fleet. PLUS: There is a THINGS TO COME Bonus at the very end of the Episode! The excitement continues! Stay tuned! A.E. Williams

Welcome to Terminal Reset – The Coming of the Wave! Exciting Apocalyptic Science Fiction At It’s Best!

Terminal Reset, Exciting Apocalyptic Science Fiction

The WAVE Approaches!

Terminal Reset

This is an exciting hard science fiction tale of a mysterious phenomenon that is detected in the far outreaches of space. The Wave is on a direct collision course with Earth. The governments react predictably to an unknown threat. No one is ready for the enormous changes that are brought about when The Wave strikes!

About This Series –

Terminal Reset” is a hard science fiction story that takes place in a Universe identical to our own. The impact of The Wave changes everything! The physical effects from The Wave passing through Earth are devastating in a way that no one had ever seen before. The ramifications of this cause world-wide upheavals. The governments of the world react in standard fashions. Many complicating factors arise. Former leaders attempt to regain power, and new antagonists come to power. The religious implications from the effects of The Wave, coupled with  global food shortages,  create the conditions whereby new arrangements are made. To ensure their survival, new methods are developed that challenge long held beliefs. Nationalistic positions are realigned, and new political structures are created.

Begun in December of 2013, “Terminal Reset” was envisioned as a serialized book, with Chapters that would be released as an Episode of two Chapters. The release dates are approximately one Episode per month, for the foreseeable future.


At the completion of somewhere between 12 and 18 Chapters, (depending on the logical story break) readers will be given the opportunity to purchase an Omnibus edition. This edition will NOT be made available for purchase until all relevant Chapters are finished.

We hope you have enjoyed these Chapters, and are waiting eagerly to read the next installment.

After the completion of Volume One, five more books will be written almost simultaneously, to keep tabs on all the major characters and action! The stories will follow the adventures of each group that has been defined in the first story, and then Volume Seven will reunite any survivors! Check out the NEWS page for more information!

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